SiteGround Launches New Anti-Bot


New SiteGround Anti-bot System Prevents Millions of Attacks

This month, (May 2017) SiteGround launched new anti-bot prevention system that is already revealing fantastic results for clients. The system prevents attacks and unauthorized login’s – meaning a lot more server space for valid client activity. The system was developed internally by their specialist team, and puts SiteGround in the forefront of hosting providers. Anti-attack systems are extremely valuable to clients, as hackers clog up server space and can cost unlimited time and money to clients as they destroy files and websites. The system is stopping millions of attacks every day and freeing up huge amounts of server resources for clients.

Many WordPress and CMS clients are already using some types of anti-bot system plugins to add protection to their websites, and if that is the case, you don’t need to remove those plugins. They can work together.

The Anti-bot system will benefit all clients, including shared hosting, Cloud and VPS servers.

Why Are Bots an Issue?

Malicious traffic is a huge problem that affects nearly every website online. According to SiteGround:

“This traffic is usually created by bots trying to gain access to your site by brute-forcing its login. The bots perform multiple login attempts using different combinations of usernames and passwords. Actually, if you have a strong password, the chance of a successful bot login is minimal. However, this activity is still a serious problem. In their login attempts the bots use huge amount of server resources. For a personal blog, for example, it can exceed multiple times the legitimate traffic created by the real human visitors. Even if bot activity is not in big volumes resulting in denial of service, it can still make your hosting more costly by causing you to go over your account resources. The reason for that is that the account has to handle not only your legitimate visitors traffic, but unwanted bot traffic as well.”

The system works using artificial intelligence.

Here’s a bit of feedback from SiteGround clients:

May 10, 2017 / 09:43 Steve

“This is great news! I have been struggling with going over account executions limits for months due to bots just hitting the home page thousands of times a day. Implementing some aggressive solutions killed my Moodle implementation, so I have been manually excluding bots in robots.txt (which only some follow) and recently with a .htaccess script to specifically block named bots. I am really happy to be a SiteGround customer today!”

May 10, 2017 / 10:24 joanne pinatel

“I was wondering what was going on. I have quite a few Joomla sites with Brute Force Stop installed and I usually get literally hundreds of failed login attempts each week. In the last few days, I’ve noticed a marked drop in attacks. I thought the bots were getting lazy!

Great work guys! Siteground is the best host out there!”

Read other customer feedback and the full article from SiteGround Here: