Take This Quiz To Find The Best Web Hosting For Your Specific Needs

Answer these simple questions to discover out which web hosting plan and provider is be best for YOU. There is no such thing as a perfect hosting company, just the most ideal one for you. We’re here to help you weigh up the benefits and trade-offs of shared hosting providers with this simple quiz.


A. How do you plan to build your website?

B. What is most important to you?

C. How many visitors do you expect per day?

D. How technical are you?


We recommend hosting companies based on your answers to these questions. Everyone’s needs vary greatly when it comes to online hosting needs, and that’s why we’ve developed this quiz. It will give you the most accurate tailored result. Many hosting providers are very similar in what they offer, but differ slightly depending on what your needs and online goals and strengths are. Are you building a photo or video sharing site? How many visitors do you anticipate? How technical are you? How will you be building you website? These are all questions we ask to help us narrow down the various top 10 web providers.