Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.24.53 pmCompany Overview: has enjoyed being one of the fastest web hosting providers for the past several years due to it’s money-for-value shared hosting plans. While JustHost is a relatively new company compared with competitors such as GoDaddy and Hub, it has grown due to good company organization and competitive rates.

Customer Support:

JustHost offers immediate 24/7 help though phone support, live chat, email and ticket submit (which usually takes a day or less.) They also provide a user forum and video tutorials.


Just Host provides a flat monthly fee of CAD $4.45 (Promo offers are often available.) Like many other hosting providers, all features and tools are included in the monthly fee. The unlimited data storage, transfer space and domain names is competitive with other hosting providers.

Performance and Reliability:

JustHost provides a secure and reliable hosting environment with a 99% uptime guarantee, or your money back. Since 2008, JustHost has scored excellent in uptime ratings with a monthly average of 100% uptime. In the past 1715 days, the uptime has scored 99.98%.

Ease of Use:

While there are many features for advanced webmasters, the basic user interface is simple and intuitive. The navigation is user friendly making your website, emails, domain names etc. easy to manage. One click installs are available.


Justhost offers a good range of products and features for both the beginner and advanced user.

Unlimited Disk Storage Unlimited
Unlimited Domain Hosting
Free Drag and Drop Site Builder (New!)
Free Domain Name Registration (*) One Year
Support International Domain Names
POP3/POP3 Secure E-mail Support Unlimited
IMAP/Secure IMAP E-mail Support Unlimited
3 Different Webmail (Web Based E-mail) Solutions
Forwarding E-mail Accounts Unlimited
Unlimited GB of Site Transfer Unlimited
Add-on Domains Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited
Subdomains Unlimited


  • Uptime 99.98%
  • Anytime money back guarantee


Whether you are a newbie for experienced webmaster, we think you will be satisfied with the offering from Just Host, with it’s easy-to-use interface and range of products and features.

Actual user comments:

“I have been using for years now. It has the best rates. You can not beat the service team. I am web designer and I recommend Justhost to all my clients. They give you unlimited bandwidth and FTP storage space. What else could you ask for”
“If you’re on a budget, then JustHost is by far one of the best out there. I’ve had a few trouble free years with them. I’m a light user, hosting 3 websites with varying degrees of functionality – design to ecommerce. The fact that you get unlimited usage based on a fair use policy is where the value is at this price.”
“I started with JustHost with Silver Reseller account for 2 and half years ago, I must say that I´m a happy customer, stable service, great speed (up and download), I have 30 sites on the server…”
“Way too much downtime here. Server is only averaging 92% uptime, and after being down 24 hours+, we will be switching to a new host once we retrieve our emails.”
“I’m happy with the service up until today. That I’m getting charge from the company for a domain name which they have state on the site “Free domain registration”. I did contact customer service and ask about why I get charge that I’m not aware of. They did claim that they have send me an email one month earlier for a notice of charging.”