iweb Overview

iweb is one of the larger web hosting companies in Canada. They were one of Canada’s first internet infrastructure providers in 1996. As a company they know what it means to start small and think big. They have become an Icon in the internet servicing industry. Right from inception, iweb has helped countless customers in over 150 countries around the world, turning small ideas into powerful applications and brands. Hosting a website with iweb will give you service beyond your expectations. This is due to the fact that they only work with enterprise – class partners throughout their infrastructure. iweb is among the world leading technology provider. In 1996 iweb were one of Canada’s first internet infrastructure providers. Since then, they’ve helped thousands of customers in more than 150 countries around the globe turn great ideas into powerful applications and brands.

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Customer Support

iweb is proactive with their support. They will call you once you have signed up for a new server. They have a speedy and efficient ticket support system which allows you to communicate online. They have a contact center which is in operation 365 days a year. They have received some negative customer feedback regarding the time it has taken to receive a response, so that may be a point to be wary of when signing up with iweb.


Dedicated server plans start at $79 per month.

Single Processor $79 4TB 12TB Intel® Core™ / Xeon® / Up to 6 cores No info 64GB
Dual Processors $129 4TB 30TB Dual Intel® Xeon® / Up to 24 cores No info 256GB
Storage $334 8TB 30TB Dual Intel® Xeon® / Up to 8 cores No info 32GB
Performance $334 960GB SSD 30TB Dual Intel® Xeon® / Up to 24 cores No info 256GB

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Plans are ideal for large businesses
  • Experienced and professional hosting provider
  • Good value for money
  • Canadian owned and operated


  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the hosting service
  • Customer service could be improved
  • Some downtime has been experienced by clients

Customer Reviews:

“I have been with iWeb for almost a decade. I have referred many customers to iWeb in the past however since the purchase by INTERNAP, everything at this company started to go downhill. One of the biggest services I used whenever I had issues was the Live Chat. This allowed me to directly speak with whom I needed and have my issues solved as fast as possible without dealing with email/support ticket delays. While I knew full well they disliked this, the point was that instead of wasting both our times, I was able to get to the bottom of what was needed using the Live Chat instead of aimlessly going back in forth in the support ticket. About a year after INTERNAP’s purchase, they decided to invest money into remaking the Live Chat which at the time I thought was great since I used this feature at every chance I could. Then, without any kind of announcement or notification, they terminated the entire Live Chat service. I thought that with enough time, they were possibly going to bring it back so after many months passed by, I finally got to the bottom of why it would not be coming back ever. Now you’re thinking it’s just a live chat and you’re right, that’s exactly how I looked at it. An inconvenience and more time wasted by going back and forth in the Tickets wasn’t going to make or break the service I was receiving from iWeb, after-all I wasn’t being billed for that time or was I? The way their support package works is simple. Managed On Demand Support offers you an hour of support which costs $75 USD. Any time you require an hour of support, it will cost $75 USD regardless. I discovered that there was absolutely no difference between Un-managed and Managed Support other then you paying an extra $75 USD every month even if you don’t use it. Any ticket that takes 15 minutes or less is free and anything that takes longer has a charge. To give you an idea, a ticket that takes 20 minutes is $25 USD. The problem I had is when I would deal with someone who did not know what they were doing and as a result obviously wasted more time which ended up costing me more because the ticket would exceed 15 minutes. Now after all the years of being with this company and many times being in a position where their support was unable to assist me with my problems, I took matters into my own hands so when I actually needed them to solve certain issues, It really wasn’t a problem paying them the $25 USD… as-long as the level of service was acceptable and I received the result I needed. The past few years have taken a turn for the worst where I can no-longer relay on Support at all to solve even the most basic of things. Without getting into specifics of what kind of problems I had, I’d like to share with you my latest experience with upgrading my server. When the new server was setup, I was excited to start the migration (no way I would ever trust them to do that) however unfortunately the hostname of the new server was not setup correctly! There were other configurations in the cPanel Web Host Manager that were also ignored which I was only aware of because of the vast amount of times I have upgraded servers with iWeb over the years and honestly, since I had the experience and knowledge, I really didn’t fret over such things and made the changes myself including correctly setting up the server hostname (they never screwed that up before). Finally I thought, the nightmare of migration and setting up the new server was over but little did I know I was going to be experiencing serious problems the next few weeks. The server would randomly crash with absolutely no trace/logs of what caused the crash. At first they suggested to change the power supply, then the motherboard, then the memory (twice). Then ran all kinds of diagnostics and spent a ridiculous time trying to figure out what could have caused the crashes. For over two weeks the server was crashing multiple times and I had to use APC to reboot it because nothing else would work, even iWeb’s highest level of support was unable to provide a way to bring it back without using APC. I was obviously put in a very embarrassing and frustrating position especially because I had clients hosted on this server as-well. They suggested that it could be a software configuration and recommended reinstalling the server. Well I’ll tell you now that setting up the new server, configuration and migration took me two weeks at-least so obviously that was not going to happen. They didn’t know what to suggest and finally recommended I get a new server. At the back of my mind and with my experience with computers, I thought it could be the CPU which I had DualXeonE5-2620V3’s. I assumed that when they replaced the motherboard, they replaced the CPU’s however I was mistaken. Of course after the swap of CPU, all my crashes were a thing of the past. Had I listened to them, I would have had to reinstall the server or have a new server setup and proceed with the new configuration and migration and all for nothing! It was unbelievable that they behaved so unprofessionally because not only did I received hardship however think of all the billable hours to the company those workers wasted. Think of all the hardware they replaced that had no issues when it was the CPU/’s. As a fellow business, I was shocked at how useless their support was which made me suffer for weeks on end instead of getting to the bottom of the problem. We are all human and we make mistakes so based on what I’ve shared in here, you probably think they aren’t that bad however without explaining other situations, the fact that I have stopped relaying on them for the past 4+ years is the best answer I can give you. I am still hosted in their datacenter however I cannot and do not trust their support and haven’t since 2012. Since INTERNAP took over, they started requesting feedback after certain tickets to see how they were doing. I deliberately took advantage of this and wrote back sharing the details of what happened with my new server. I told them that if they cared, they would arrange an investigation into what happened and that they were welcome to contact me if they had any questions or concerns. You guessed right that no-one ever got back to me, not even with an apology or any kind of compensation. Multiple times I reached out to them about this same issue and others and again, nothing in return. The last time I called them, their phone system was not working at all with a broken redirect that ended up hanging up on you because they were unavailable. The only redirection that worked was sales which after explaining my situation, certain details and the frustration I was experiencing, I was able to get redirected to billing. After sorting the issue out, my representative tried to contact me by email asking me stupid questions and then trying to phone me when I was unavailable instead of just looking at my recent tickets and understanding what kind of bullsh– I was going through. I strongly recommend that if you purchase iWeb’s services, you go into this knowing full well they are not professional, they do not know what they are doing and only if the data center and hardware you are looking for is the vital point to you choosing iWeb would be the only reason you should consider their services which is exactly why I am still with them, despite all the garbage and time wasted I have endured. I have had to resort to hiring outside counsel and companies when it came to serious problems with security, emails and spam because iWeb lacked the competence to assist with any of that. Unfortunately I cannot find another hosting provider that can offer a Solid State Drive with 7200 spin disks and Dual CPU that is located in Canada which as I’ve mentioned is basically the deciding factor of using iWeb. The closest I found was in the United States however because of the differences between LAWS in Canada and the United States, I strongly advise Canada > US.”

“Communication with iWeb support is extremaly slow, it took them almost 24 hours to answer the support question when our site gone down, in this 24 hours period of time we have figured out what is wrong and fixed the issue ourselves then contacting support again that we have fixed the issue. No response from support at all but.. a week later we’ve get an invoice for support assistance! They’ve done nothing but charged money for support! We hope to migrate to other hosting provider as soon as we transfer all data to Amazon S3. I do not recommend this company, really bad experience.”

“What a stunning performance by iWeb I am having one dedicated server with them since more than 6 months and the value of money I get unbelievable.So much I get for such a low cost I get few thousand of bandwidth along with 2000GB of HDD and i3 dual core 4GB for less than $100 amazing. Coming to the support they are very good at that technically as well as mentally, they don’t support as coded bot or some automated software they look into the issues manually and support accordingly which gives best support I have ever got.

Few times I failed to pay them on time as Here in India there was an issue with PayPal so they were generous enough to support me and extend few days so I could pay them using credit card. I don’t have managed server with them still they provide with free support for hosting new domains on the server and setup DNS records for free and few times they also offered free technical support too.

While raising support ticket you need to check that little box which says you need to spend few dollars for the support but I had a quick chat with the support guy and he said that I don’t need to bother just check the box and they will do the rest for free. I have hosted very huge traffic generating sites on their server and it works fine without single downtime thumbs up to them.”