Free Web Hosting

What is free web hosting?

Free hosting is when a web hosting company allows you to host your website on their servers for free. The hosting will put your website on the web and make it accessible to other people. If it isn’t hosted – no one will be able to visit your site. Why would companies offer to do this for free? Well, companies will often offer free web hosting when they feel they will get free advertising back in return. That means you leave their logo on your website. They may also take advantage of your website by putting their own advertising banners across your site which can be intrusive. With the low cost of hosting these days, we recommend you skip the free hosting and get shared hosting instead from one of the companies we recommend.

Some other downfalls to free hosting as opposed to paid hosting, for example:

  • You may not be able to publish a domain name of your choice.
  • You may find advertisement banners on your website
  • You may need to keep the company logo on your website
  • You may slower connection and upload speeds.