Are Web Hosting Reviews Reliable? And Why.


Are these Web Hosting Reviews Reliable? So this blog post might come as a bit of a surprise on my top 10 hosting reviews website, but I wanted to address the questions you are no doubt asking. First and foremost, if you are on my website, you are wondering what hosting provider to sign up with to host your website and you may also be wondering are web hosting reviews reliable? You are probably hoping to create a website yourself and you are newer to the web development world. You may have checked out local hosting companies in your area and found them to be priced astronomically high compared to the starting rates of the companies you see here on my website. Or you may already be hosting your website with a company you are not happy with and looking to make a switch.
First of all, that’s right. The prices on my top 10 chart are starting prices – usually the monthly fee you will pay the first 12 to 24 months of hosting. After that, the prices are often based on your renewal terms and monthly prices can increase depending on how long you renew for etc. For ipage for example, the price changes incrementally depending on how long you sign up for after your first 24 month term is up. You may feel like that sounds like a scam, but actually ipage prices after the first 24 months are still a lot lower than I have been charged in the past by marketing agencies and website development companies from the get-go. Plus with ipage, you do get the $2.25 per month rate for the first 2 years if you sign up during a sale (their sale is on now!! Better hurry up :) Let me know if the sale has ended by the time you read this.
Secondly, I have worked in the web agency world for 7 years now as an account manager / creative director / web developer and project manager. I personally have multiple hosting accounts. I’ve worked with companies who offer web hosting, and I have accounts with the top companies I recommend on this website, and I’ve had some of those accounts for years. I have honestly been impressed by companies like ipage and godaddy. While there are hundreds of unimpressed customers out there with bad reviews and terrible attitudes, you have to remember, unhappy customers make more noise than happy customers. In my opinion ipage is truly phenomenal when it comes to following through on their promises. They gave me all of my money back on my hosting account simply because I changed my mind. No questions asked. They have some of the cheapest rates around and provide quick phone support by a friendly and helpful English speaking support team who knows their stuff. I’ve read tons of glowing reviews on all of my top 10 companies of course! I need to make sure the majority of others are happy with these companies as well in order for them to make my top 10 list.
Godaddy is the biggest domain seller in the world, and I’ve had more than one account with them for years. Once you get past the never ending marketing when you try to make a purchase, their system is actually user friendly and it does give you incredible control of your website and website files without having to be a total web geek. They offer great low prices, and again, have awesome phone support. You can have multiple websites with them under one delux hosting account which makes things super cheap if you want more than one website for example. I’ve noticed their security has improved over the past 2 years as well. (This is an issue I had with them in the past). They rank 3rd on my top 10 list of web hosting companies. If their marketing gimicks drive you nuts however, I would steer you towards ipage or bluehost. Are you still wondering: are web hosting reviews reliable?
I’m all for you supporting small local hosting companies. To be honest, many of the smaller businesses resell hosting from the larger companies who made my top 10 list. They resell the hosting to you at an increased cost. That’s why you will see the biggest players on my top 10 list. They are the most competitive in terms of cost / support / bonus features simply because they are the big players. They have the most clients and the most influence to offer the most competitive products. Any company you sign up with may present a learning curve at the beginning if you have never worked with them before. You’ll need to figure out how everything works on their interface.
At the end of the day, the best approach is to create your own “top list”, take note of the top companies you like and visit their websites. See which one speaks to you and your needs the most. Everyone has slightly different needs and preferences after all. Use my top 10 list to get an idea of the big and most affordable companies that are out there that people are happy with and whittle it down from there. My website is targeted towards Canadians, and the companies I’ve listed here offer prices in Canadian dollars and can you will be able to make payments in Canadian dollars. With the US dollar gaining strength, this is important to keep in mind if you are searching the web for the right hosting company for you, but live and work in Canada.
If you are still unsure, the only way you will know for certain if you like a hosting company is to try them out. Do some research, make your best educated choice, and go for it! While it can be a bit of hassle to change hosting providers, almost all of the companies I recommend offer a full money back guarantee, no questions asked.
All the best with your websites folks!!! We hope this has answered your question if web hosting reviews reliable.