Mug Shot meHi, and welcome to We have over 10 years of experience developing websites and working in the web development industry.  We’re here to help you find the best web hosting provider to meet your needs, and have done the research for you by comparing the most popular web hosting providers globally. If you are looking for cheap web hosting, then shared web hosting is what you are looking for. The hosting providers in our list offer options for payment in Canadian dollars and have 98% uptime or better. Some, (but not all) of the companies are Canadian owned and operated. Our top recommended web hosting providers are based in Canada. If you are looking for dedicated or cloud hosting, your can read about those options on our homepage and in our blog, as well as get our top recommendations.

Among all of the popular shared hosting providers I have had experience with, there are none that are perfect. They all have both positives and negatives.

Customer service experiences can be very subjective and everyone has slightly different web hosting needs. The web hosting industry is full of fake reviews and sneaky hidden fees. Even the top hosting providers we recommend on this website have some deceptive pricing and longer-than-desired customer service wait-times.We hope to lay out the pros and the cons and the hidden fees up-front so you can make the best choice based on your specific web hosting needs.

Our philosophy is we would truly like to recommend the best web hosting provider for you and your specific needs, and keep the web hosting providers accountable by laying everything out up-front for customers. Many hosting affiliates recommend based solely on the referral fees they receive without taking the quality of hosting service they are recommending into account. While we do make affiliate commissions off the links on this website, we are not basing our recommendations on the highest commission pay-outs, but rather on speed, uptime and quality of service provided.

We are comparing the largest and most popular hosting providers on this website that attract 1,000,000+ customers a day and offer the most affordable hosting plans. Our hosting recommendations are based on the shared hosting plans vs. cloud and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is by far the most popular and cheapest hosting option, and is perfect for the majority of web hosting needs. Many of our web hosting recommendations also take the WordPress recommendations into account, as WordPress is the most popular website building platform.

If you are looking for a web hosting company, check out our directory where you can compare hosting plans and get a quick snapshot of the top 10 hosting providers.

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